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Tree Limb Removal

Tree limbs may need to be removed for various reasons. To start with, the limbs may be dead or diseased, meaning that they are likely to fall off if they are not removed in good time. Secondly, two tree limbs may be growing in such a way that they cross each other or their leaves compete for light. In such a case, one limb needs to be removed so that the remaining branch can grow in a good way. Thirdly, a tree limb may need to be cut off if it is dangerously positioned. For instance, if the tree branch is hanging over a house or growing towards power lines, then it will have to be removed for the sake of safety. 

If you have spotted a tree limb that needs to be removed, you don’t need to panic because Lugo Expert Tree Service can help you with this type of work. We are an organization that specializes in providing all the services that you can think of when it comes to the management of trees. The services that we provide include tree limb removal, tree trimming, tree cutting and removal, stump removal and many others that you can view at

We have invested adequately in research and training so as to be able to apply the best methods when providing different types of trees services. For example, when it comes to tree limb removal, we use a method that ensures that the pruned area heals quickly. Also, when pruning large trees, we make three cuts on the tree limb to avoid the tree bark peeling off when we remove the limb. This helps protect the tree from developing scars that later grow into holes and damage the whole tree. 

We are based in Palo Alto, CA and serve all the nearby areas such as Sunnyvale and Los Altos. So, if you are in Palo Alto or nearby and you need to prune your tree, contact Lugo Expert Tree Service.

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