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Tree Trimming

Do you need help with tree trimming? Are you looking for a company that can help you do the work in an excellent way? Did you know that there is a reliable tree service provider near you? Yes, if you would like to do some tree trimming work or any other tree-related task in Santa Clara, CA or any of the nearby areas, you can benefit from the services that Lugo Expert Tree Service provides. We are a company that provides all types of tree services that customers need in Santa Clara and the surrounding areas such as San Jose, Saratoga, and Cupertino. In particular, we can help you cut and remove trees, get rid of tree stumps, prune overgrown branches, and trim trees to the shape that you desire. You can also rely on us if you need emergency tree services such as removing a tree that has been uprooted by a monster storm. 

We are a cut above other providers of tree services because of our commitment to doing work that satisfies our customers and adhering to integrity and safety. In order to deliver excellent results in all the work that we do, we have invested significantly in training our staff and buying modern machinery. This has enabled us to have an expertise whose level is unrivaled in all the areas that we serve. Because of the expertise that we have, we are very reliable in that we always deliver the results that clients expect and we can also be relied upon when customers need emergency services. 

We are also renowned as a company that values safety because, in addition to meeting all the legal workplace requirements, we have invested in safety gear and additional safety training for all our employees. More importantly, we are committed to making our dealings with our clients as open as possible. Contact us today or read more about our services at

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