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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is associated with many benefits. To begin with, when you prune a tree, you keep the people, animals, and structures around it safe. That is, by removing dangerously hanging tree branches, you eliminate the possibility of the branches falling and causing damage to life or property. Secondly, when you prune tree branches that are growing towards power lines, you eliminate the risk of people getting electrocuted when the branches touch live power lines. Thirdly, when you prune a tree, you are able to determine the shape that it will take. For example, you may remove branches that can cause the tree to bend. This way, you ensure that the structural integrity of the tree is not compromised. 

Tree pruning can be a dangerous exercise, especially if the branches that are being pruned are big or positioned precariously. It is because of this point that you have to hire a competent tree service provider whenever you need to prune your trees. A competent tree service provider like Lugo Expert Tree Service has all the equipment and expertise that is required to safely prune trees and do other kinds of tree-related work. When you choose Lugo Expert Tree Service for you tree pruning work, you will be assured of working with a company that provides professional tree services. This is because we have highly skilled employees as well as advanced equipment. We also train our employees regularly on the need to maintain safety whenever they are working on any kind of project.  

We are located in Milpitas, CA and we serve all the areas that are within the neighborhood such as Los Altos, Mountain View and Saratoga. Therefore, if you would like to prune a tree in Milpitas or any of the adjacent areas, let Lugo Expert Tree Service help you. Visit to read more about the services that we provide.

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